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Basement Wall Bracing / Braces

Repairing cracked, buckling or bowed walls rarely require rebuilding the entire foundation wall. We have engineer designed products approved by the International Code Council to stabilize and brace a leaning or bowing basement wall. Rebuilding a foundation wall can involve jacking up the house, excavation and relocating utilities. One of our systems uses steel rods and anchor plates as a cost effective means for basement wall bracing.

Our service technicians insert a steel anchor rod through the bowed or leaning basement wall into the earth outside. A steel anchor brace is attached to the rod through a hole dug vertically in the ground. A steel anchor bracing plate secures the rod to the leaning basement wall.

Wall anchors are placed at critical locations along the wall and extenders used to avoid flower beds, decks and landscaping. The process can take less than one day in some instances since your basement wall doesn’t have to be rebuilt. Your home and surrounding area is left in virtually the same condition before the basement wall bracing is installed.

Wall Braces for Repairing Bowed Walls
or Bowing Basement Walls

  • Distances measured
  • Sod removed and saved
  • Holes excavated
  • Hole drilled in leaning basement wall
  • Steel anchor wall brace installed
  • Outside earth anchor attached
  • Steel wall plate installed
  • Hole filled and sod replaced

This is just one of a number of wall bracing solutions we provide for bowing or bowed walls. Another solution we provide is helical tiebacks, also known as helical wall bracing or helical wall anchors. Much like wall plate anchors, helical tiebacks can offer minimal excavation and / or disruption to the surrounding areas. Other wall bracing solutions inlcude:

Helical Tie Back Used to Brace Bowed Foundation Wall

  • Soldier Beams
  • Mini Beams
  • Angle Steel
  • Engineered Joist Brackets

Choosing one wall bracing or wall bracket system over another is based on a number of factors that require a comprehensive inspection and evaluation by a qualified technician.

Give us a call today for a free consultation and inspection of your leaning, bowed or bowing basement walls so we can determine whether basement wall braces and wall bracing is right for you. If it is not, we can design a repair solution engineered to meet your specific needs.

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