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Foundation Repair in St. Louis
This has been the best experience we’ve ever had with home repairs. Perma Jack is by far the most professional company we’ve dealt with. Gary did a great job explaining the situation with our foundation and the work he proposed. It was clear he wasn’t trying to sell me anything we didn’t need. Kevin and everyone at the office did a great job keeping us informed. And the crew was amazing. They always gave me a thorough rundown of the work they’d be doing each day, kept me informed as they made progress, and were very careful with our floors.
We chose Perma Jack because you were highly recommended by my cousin. I will also recommend Perma Jack to anyone with foundation problems.
Tim E. – St. Louis, MO 63131
Customer Service in Fallon, MO
First of all, this review has nothing to do with a service that Perma Jack has provided, but in saying that I would not hesitate hiring them if I needed them professionally. I was pulling into my subdivision and a large truck was parked on the side of the road. I went around the truck and got back into the right lane. As I did, I thought I hit a pothole, but when I looked into my rear-view mirror I could see a large object in the road in front of the truck. I drove my car home and then realized I had 2 flat tires on the right side of my car. I had my car towed to dealership where my tires, wheels, and sensors had to be replaced. The total bill was over $1600. I found out that because of human error, Perma Jack was responsible for leaving it because one of the workers was injured and they had to leave quickly. After talking to Tim from Perma Jack, he was not hesitant to pay the bill in full. This was a weird and unfortunate accident but Tim made it right by taking ownership of the situation. I believe this company to be honest and trustworthy, and that is why I would not ever hesitate in using them professionally.
Linda S. – O’Fallon, MO 63368
refund check in St. Louis, MO
Because of many different circumstances it was necessary to cancel a contract with Perma Jack St.Louis. I called Tim (owner) explained the need to cancel. He was very polite, understanding, and personally volunteered to deliver my refund check to my home. He also shared some alternate solutions to my basement problem. His approach to my need to cancel and request a refund check was positive, professional and taken care of in just a few hours. A true gentleman and outstanding company to handle your foundation needs.
Lou – St. Louis, MO 63131
Patching a crack in the basement wall in St. Louis, MO
When we had a problem of unknown severity, we called Perma Jack of St. Louis. The company was very responsive. We promptly received a visit and were relieved to hear that our issue was not a major problem. We were then placed on the schedule and the repair was handled professionally and in a timely manner. We received excellent service. The representatives with which we worked were knowledgeable and efficient.
Bill W. – St. Louis, MO 63122
Basement Waterproofing in St. Louis, MO
I am very satisfied with the install and crew that did my drain tile and sump pump. The crew was professional, knew their job and did an excellent job – neat an workmanlike. Thank you! Crew made an excellent effort to keep mess to a minimum like I asked. Great job! Damien V.
Damien V – St. Louis, MO 63119
Basement Waterproofing in Overland, MO
The crew that came out to the house was outstanding! All three crew members were very courteous and professional. They worked real hard to complete the job and I would have these crew members back for any other waterproofing needs at my next house. Matthew B.
Mattthew B – Overland, MO 63114
Foundation Repair in Town And Country, MO
I wanted to comment on the work performed but needed more space then provided on the certificate of completion. Work done according to plan: I understand that our basement was not the usual installation for Perma Jack so some changes were necessary as work went on. We had discussed some of the potential problems before work began, so it was not a surprise when we discovered that there were no footings. Each new situation was addressed in a professional manner and I am pleased with the final results. I would be happy to provide references for potential customers. Performance of crew: Overall I was very happy with the crew’s performance. This was hard work! Altitude and courtesy of crew: I was very impressed with Mike Adams. He was extremely polite and patiently answered all my questions about the work they were doing. He also kept me informed of what the plan was for the day, etc. which I appreciated. I didn’t deal as much with the other crew members, but everyone was polite and demonstrated good work ethic. Thanks also for recommending Rick Dallas. The work he did rebuilding our wall was excellent. After job cleanup: The crew was very good about clean up. They tidied up the site on a daily basis before they left, and were very good about cleaning off our patio and driveway. I do have one negative comment. One of the younger crew members dumped some cement/water in the back of our yard. It splashed up on the fence and left a bit of a mess. I just wish he had asked if that location was alright before he had done it 1 was talking with Mike earlier about lien wavers and discovered that I needed to pay you in full today. I was under the impression that I would be invoiced and have 30 days (my mistake). I called your office and your secretary told me that it would be alright if I paid part today and the remainder at the end of the month. So I have enclosed a check for $2000 and will send the remainder at the end of this month – sooner if possible. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. Best regards, Melodie S.
Melodie S – Town And Country, MO 63131
Foundation Repair in Ballwin, MO
I wanted to write you a note to thank you and everyone at Perma Jack for the work you recently completed on my home. As you know, we talked to and received bids from five different companies to solve a foundation settling problem which resulted in some frightening looking cracks in the foundation and brick veneer both on the exterior of the house and in the basement. Deciding between the various prices and solutions each company offered was confusing at best, and of course involved several thousands of dollars. Since I am 85 years old and on a fixed income, I don’t spend that amount of money lightly and was most concerned with both the general “mess” the process would create and the eventual results – you’d be surprised at how people think “little old ladies” aren’t on the ball financially and try to cut corners or “jack up” prices. Perma Jack came up with the simplest and least expensive solution to the foundation problem. They explained the process completely and clearly, and were always prompt in returning phone calls, answering additional questions and modifying the end contract to our satisfaction. But what was the most gratifying was the professional, amazingly efficient and surprisingly meticulous way Dave and the rest of his crew (I’m sorry I don’t remember their names or that of the supervisor who showed up every day) accomplished the work. From the first day they were prompt, courteous and accomplished a huge amount of work (installing 12 piers both outside and in the basement) in a neat and organized fashion. I had been worried that the work would cause: a huge mess both in the yard and in the basement, and I can truly say that both throughout the process is completed the impact on the house and on the amount of work I need to do is absolutely minimal. From start to finish the process only took about 3 I would recommend Perma Jack to anyone with similar foundation problems one of the best home improvement experiences I have ever had. Again, many thanks to all of you. Sincerely yours, Lydia H.
Lydia H – Ballwin, MO 63011
Foundation Repair in Chesterfield, MO
Wow! Thank you for a wonderful job in more ways than one. As a single woman / homeowner, I’m often suspicious of contractors out to take advantage of me. I found my experiences with you and all your employees very professional. Mike and Jimmy were especially informative when they were installing the piers. They were courteous and I could tell they took a great deal of pride in doing their job well. They even did a great job cleaning up the job site. I thought the job would be very invasive to my property but it really wasn’t. James had to make an unanticipated trip out to my home to address some new concerns of mine. What a comfort it was to get such a quick response. I would highly recommend your services to potential customers. Please feel free to share this letter and use me as a future reference. Sincerely, Nora C.
Nora C – Chesterfield, MO 63017
Foundation Repair Consultation in St. Peters, MO
Last Thursday, I looked at a 25-year-old house in St. Louis County in which the homeowners were thoroughly confused over four proposals they received from underpinning and waterproofing contractors to repair distress to their residence. The four individual contractors’ proposals for stabilizing the residence varied dramatically, both in scope and in price. It is my understanding that a representative of your staff also looked at this residence. The homeowners commented that your people indicated that Perma Jack could not help them because underpinning would not improve their situation. I explained to the homeowners that their distress was due to soil heave and lateral earth pressures and that the best solution to reducing future distress was the installation of a good perimeter drain system. I told them it was obvious that Perma Jack was the only company they interviewed that had the integrity to admit that their patented system was not applicable to the problem. The “non-effective11 bids ranged from $12,000 to almost $28,000; for all practical purposes, monies which would have been wasted if the homeowners had proceeded with any one of these contractors. While the homeowners might not have appreciated it at the time, I’m sure they are thankful now for your honesty. We at Soil Consultants, Inc. very much appreciate your integrity. Best wishes in your future business dealings. Very truly yours, William J. Green, P.E. Principal Soil Consultants, Inc.
William Green – St. Peters, MO 63376
Foundation Repair in Kirkwood, MO
Dear Tim & Staff at Perma Jack As I retire from my position as Deputy Building Commissioner of the City of Kirkwood, I have to recognize and thank some of the quality contractors and design professionals I have worked with over the last 15 years. I have approved and inspected many foundation repairs and waterproofing systems, and if I ever find I need one, Perma Jack will be my first choice of contractors. Please use this letter as a recommendation to your future customers. If they are looking for quality work from a competent company, Perma Jack and their workers have always passed inspection the first time around. Good luck and may your success continue to grow. Sincerely, Jim Wilder C.B.O. Deputy Building Commisioner City of Kirkwood
Jim Wilder – Kirkwood, MO 63122